New Calgary Jaguar Land Rover dealership a partnership of automotive giants

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Valentine is also proud of his customer lounge, with barista stations and comfortable seating where people waiting for service to be completed can take advantage of being able to work remotely with a strong WiFi connection.

The fleet of new models is divided by brands across the spacious second-floor showrooms.

Customer service has been paramount for the partners, but they have also made sure their staff is well looked after. As well as administrative offices, the second floor has a large, well-equipped lunch room that expands onto a rooftop patio, fitness centre and locker-rooms.

One of the problems for Calgary car dealerships is the threat of hail damage. A covered rooftop area can accommodate 80 vehicles, and another 50 can be sheltered on the paved parking lot of the dealership.

Jaguar Land Rover Royal Oak shows great confidence in Calgary’s economy and good taste, and is an outstanding addition to the Alberta market.


Circumstances have resulted in some innovative ways to fundraise. Thanks to the creativity and support of Parker PR, Holt Renfrew, CH Financial and The Fairmont Palliser, the Calgary Philharmonic will benefit from a champagne brunch on Sept. 26. Veuve Clicquot, CPO performance and brunch at the Hawthorn Dining Room prepared by executive chef Eraj Jayawickreme will be followed by an afternoon fashion show at Holt Renfrew and a chance to win a $5,000 shopping spree. “We hope this event brings the CPO some support and peace of mind,” says Jeremy Clark, CEO of CH Financial. “We look forward to experiencing the collective creativity of all parties involved in the planning.”

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