Nelson: Taking on Mayor Nenshi will be no easy task for Farkas

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So, such future induction into Calgary’s civic hall of fame may prove tempting, especially for a man possessing, shall we say, not an insignificant ego.

The past three, long-serving Calgary mayors — Ralph Klein, Al Duerr and Dave Bronconnier — understood; once within voting distance of more than a decade in power was the time to seek pastures new.

Bronconnier and Duerr had the sense to get the heck out of politics, therefore rediscovering there’s indeed a life worth living without sycophants and developers addressing you as “Your Worship” each time they open their collective mouths.

Ralph, of course, was lured away to another political arena. The rest is history. Yep, just like the general hospital.

But, politically, it’s difficult to see where Nenshi would go, at least if he hopes to sit in the front row and not on those lonesome backbenches.

Notley’s got a lock on the provincial NDP, the Liberal brand is, once more, in the Alberta political wilderness, thanks to another fellow called Trudeau, and the only Tory with a chance of beating Kenney will be one sporting a Wexit badge.

Meanwhile, federally, you’re either a Tory or a turkey here in Calgary and Nenshi’s neither of those birds. So, I reckon our mayor will want his four-time’s-a-charm moment.

Which, circuitously, takes us to the door of my own local councillor. That man who would be mayor: Jeromy Farkas.

His recent mayoral declaration immediately put the spotlight on Nenshi (something Farkas needs to accept if he indeed ends up in a dogfight with a sitting mayor).


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