Horacio Arruda will earn nearly $1 million in his three-year contract

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Since he became national health director in 2012, Arruda’s salary has increased by about 20 per cent.

In terms of hierarchy, Arruda is not at the top of the pyramid: Officially he occupies the position of assistant deputy minister of health — and yet, he earns substantially more than his immediate superior, deputy minister of health and social services Dominique Savoie. Appointed in June, she is paid $276,109 to head the largest government ministry — it has 10 assistant deputy ministers.

Savoie is paid significantly less than her predecessor, Yvan Gendron: He was paid $310,000, one of the highest salaries in Quebec’s public service.

Arruda’s compensation is nearly equivalent to that of the government’s highest-level public servant: Yves Ouellet, Secretary-General of the Executive Council, to whom all deputy ministers report. His annual salary is $325,810.

Arruda earns significantly more than most other assistant deputy ministers, whose salaries generally range between $150,000 and $200,000.

Deputy ministers, who are responsible for the proper functioning of an entire ministry, earn between about $210,000 and $230,000.

Financially, Quebec’s ministers and Premier François Legault come in well behind Arruda. Compensation of members of the government, known as a special allowance and not as salary, is set by the National Assembly, which applies different rules to elected officials than to the public service. A minister’s salary in 2020 is $167,193 and Legault’s is $196,193. In addition, there is a housing allowance and car with driver-bodyguard.



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