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Alberta mayors meet Shandro to make the case against centralized ambulance dispatch

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Municipal Affairs Minister Tracey Allard and Alberta’s chief paramedic Darren Sandbeck were also at the meeting.

Calgary, Red Deer, Lethbridge and Wood Buffalo currently have the only remaining municipally run ambulance dispatch systems in the province. The rest of Alberta was consolidated into three AHS dispatch centres in 2009.

Multiple provincial governments in the decade since have looked at finishing up the centralization but decided against it. NDP Leader Rachel Notley told reporters in Lethbridge on Thursday that she and former NDP health minister Sarah Hoffman were among those who got the “pitch” on consolidation in 2016, but after reviewing the evidence, they said no.

In August, AHS announced the transition for the final municipalities would go ahe...

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With Ranchman’s closing, cowboys and cowgirls looking to get their memorabilia back

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Ranchman’s was founded by Harris Dvorkin and Kevin Baker, but after Dvorkin died in 2017 it was sold to Doug Rasberry, who has owned and operated a number of bars in town. When the bar changed hands, realtor Rob Campbell says the saddles and other memorabilia were specifically excluded from the paperwork and were never included in the asset list.

Between Calgary’s economic downturn and the devastating effect of the COVID-19 pandemic, though, Ranchman’s ran into financial trouble and BMO has now begun the process of seizing assets. That includes, for now, memorabilia like Roy’s prized saddle.

Campbell says more than 140 people had their memorabilia on display at Ranchman’s and are hoping to get it back.

“What we’re waiting for now is for the bank to rev...

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Harm reduction advocates say UCP needs to prioritize opioid crisis

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A needle drop box outside the Sheldon Chumir Health Centre Supervised Consumption Site downtown. Thursday, September 24, 2020. Photo by Brendan Miller/Postmedia

Other provinces have also seen a rise in overdose deaths in recent months, Luan said in a news release Wednesday, adding that the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated the struggles of many Albertans.

In a Thursday statement, Kassandra Kitz, a spokeswoman for Luan’s office, said the province is “continuing to monitor opioid fatalities in the province closely and making investments where they are needed most.”

“The impact of COVID-19 on people struggling with substance use is being seen across the country, largely due to an inability to access treatment and supports that they depend on, but also due to a...

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Stolen Skip the Dishes vehicle in hit-and-run collision

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A man is recovering in hospital after being run down Thursday by a thief operating a vehicle stolen from a Skip the Dishes driver in the city’s northeast.

Around 1:30 p.m., the driver with the food delivery service was picking up an order at the McDonald’s restaurant at 5219 Falsbridge Dr. N.E. when a man jumped into his vehicle.

“He left the vehicle running outside the McDonalds and an individual proceeded to get into it and drive away,” said Sgt. Jim Dalidowicz of the Calgary Police Service.

“The Skip the Dishes driver jumped on the hood of the vehicle and fell off a short distance later.”

The delivery driver wasn’t seriously hurt but the thief drove his vehicle into a pedestrian in the parking lot moments later.

A male pedestrian was taken to Foothills Med...

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Questions arise over time lag, inconsistencies around informing those impacted by COVID in schools

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“The more cases we have, the more ripple effects there are,” she said.

“Students who test positive are impacting all of their classmates, all of their teachers, and everyone in their families. All of those people now have to miss school or work for at least two weeks.

“That is a lot of disruption, not just to education and learning, but also to the economy.”

Alberta’s chief medical officer of health Dr. Deena Hinshaw. Photo by Chris Schwarz/Government of Alberta

Dr. Deena Hinshaw, chief medical officer of health, noted Thursday 13 schools in Alberta that previously had alerts have had no transmission for two weeks and students and staff are back in class.

Hinshaw confirmed there are active alerts or outbreaks in 97 Alberta schools with 163 active case...

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Second wave hasn’t arrived in Alberta yet, epidemiologists say, but surge likely coming

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“When you look at the zones, I think there are starting to be some patterns that are a little more concerning. When I look at the Edmonton zone, they’ve been on a steady increase now in July, and it’s a more persistent increase day-over-day,” Eurich said.

“To me, the one hot spot is Edmonton zone, they seem to be on a little bit of a different trajectory than the rest of the province. But again I wouldn’t consider what’s happening in Edmonton to be a second wave yet.”

It’s worth watching case numbers closely in coming days, Jenne said, as the impacts of the return to the classroom will begin to appear in data.

Though Trudeau warned the second wave could be dramatically worse than what was seen in spring, both epidemiologists said there was no s...

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Husband of dayhome operator found guilty of assaulting two children

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The boy’s father recalled a shift in his attitude that summer and had noticed he had bruises, some that looked like fingerprints. Whenever he asked, the boy would say “he didn’t remember where they were from.”

The five-year-old had attended the dayhome in July and August 2018.

A friend reached out to the boy’s parents in the summer of 2019, letting them know Langager had been arrested on July 15 and charged with assault. His father then asked his son about the bruises, and his son told him that he hadn’t said anything because “he didn’t want to get in trouble.”

In his interview with a detective, the boy said he would be held up and smacked, and that the beatings “made my heart so sad.”

The 19-month-old was dropped off at the dayhome on Marc...

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Five places to escape the crowds for winter play within a half-day drive from Calgary

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Just think

Be a respectful roadie. Don’t forget the good ways of care, put that mask on when you are not two ski lengths away from someone, always wear it indoors, don’t gather in groups, stay with your crew, as turns are more fun shared with those you know and give a hoot don’t pollute, not the trail, parking lot or side of the road, never ever.

Kimberley, BC
feel local here Photo by @PowderMatt

Learn here. Kimberley is a place with soul

It’s that Kootenay ‘mana’. People are nice with a low key vibe, this is the place to learn to ski – both alpine and cross country. With tons of terrain to challenge the go-getter in your crew, while they are hard at it, you can be making those first turns with a dedicated, safe and open spaced learning area...

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Travellers report greater satisfaction at Calgary International Airport during pandemic

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While few people have been travelling on planes since March, those who do have to go through airports are unsurprisingly reporting higher satisfaction with that experience, according to a study from J.D. Power.

The 2020 North America Airport Satisfaction Survey found airport satisfaction has risen sharply since the onset of COVID-19.

At Calgary International Airport, customer satisfaction jumped 27 points from 765 to 792 out of 1000.

The overall customer satisfaction across North America climbed 22 points to 784.

Unsurprisingly, the absence of long lineups and crowds is thought to be what is driving the increase.

“Compared to the pre-COVID-19 environment when most airports were running significantly over capacity, the lack of crowds and long lines is actually creating a v...

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Film festival safety-conscious concerts: 10 things to do in Calgary this week

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Neil Zeller captured families in socially distant portraits during the pandemic lockdown. The result is the exhibition Porchraits, on display until Oct. 31 at the Glenbow Museum. At Glenbow,

The fall exhibitions — three solo exhibitions by Liz Magor, Samuel Roy-Bois and Jon Sasaki — at the Esker Foundation open Friday. At Esker Foundation,

Wordfest brings Zsuzsi Gartner and her first novel The Beguiling to Calgarians Thursday night with an online event that is “part conversation, part reading, and part audience confessionals.” Online,

Rise Up brings together Calgary festivals Calgary Folk Music Festival, Calgary ReggaeFest, Stampede, Big Winter Classic and the Calgary International Blues Festival for six sa...

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