Audiences swept up by live-streamed Shakespeare love story

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“When I approached Haysam, I knew that none of us had ever gone down this route before but I also knew we had to take up the challenge for the sake of the community and the emerging artists that these summer Shakespeare productions showcase. Haysam knows how important this program is to young artists because he got his start in this program.

“My only instructions … were to be creative, not to limit himself and to keep the show under an hour.”

Kadri teamed up with TC associate Jenna Turk to create an edited script that put the young lovers in modern-day Calgary. He admits “everything about this experience was challenging. It was always a case of trial and error but there was such enthusiasm from everyone involved that it was never anything but exciting and rewarding.

“Chelsea Woodard, who played Tybalt, and Kaeley Jade Wiebe, who played the nurse, created the music for the show and every actor fleshed out their characters so richly. It really was a collaborative effort.”

Zach Running Coyote and Anna Dalgleish in a virtual version of Romeo & Juliet, for Shakespeare by the Bow.. Courtesy, Theatre Calgary
Zach Running Coyote and Anna Dalgleish in a virtual version of Romeo & Juliet, for Shakespeare by the Bow. Courtesy, Theatre Calgary /jpg

Except for Zach Running Coyote and Anna Dalgleish, who played Romeo and Juliet, the eight cast members live in separate homes in Calgary and Edmonton. Running Coyote and Dalgleish are a couple in real life that Kadri stresses “made Romeo and Juliet’s intimate scenes so much more poignant because they could actually touch each other.”

For other characters’ scenes, Kadri had to “find ways to make it seem the characters were in the same environments.

“I suddenly realized weather forecasts were very important because though it could be sunny in Calgary, it was raining in Edmonton and the lighting in one actor’s room was not necessarily the same for the actor they were speaking to.”


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